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Are you getting ready for that fun-filled holiday? In between the excitement of planning, packing and anticipating that much-awaited break, you’re probably going to end up sleep-deprived at some point. Getting a consistent good night’s rest is a real challenge while travelling, and fortunately for you we’re going to help you take care of that. Listed below are some of our top tips on how to sleep better while you travel: no matter where you are, where you are headed, or where you end up!

Adjust Your Sleep Beforehand

If you are heading for another time zone, it is important to adjust your sleep pattern slightly before you leave. Prepare your body for the new day and night times, and tailor your bedtime accordingly. This also means a shift in your eating time and habit, so that when you arrive at your destination, you will fit right in and can enjoy all the activities it has to offer.

Avoid Red-Eye Flights

If you are in the habit of booking that early morning flight so you can get the most out of your day, you may actually be doing the entire opposite to yourself. Red-eye flights should be your last resort, or if you really can’t find any other international flight. For domestic travel, it is not worth disrupting your sleep for a short duration flight. Once you eventually get to your hotel after landing, you will be more tired than you anticipated, and will require a longer rest before starting to enjoy your holiday destination.

Dress Comfortably

It is no secret that comfortable clothing makes your travel much easier on your body. Choosing comfort over fashion is the best way to ensure you remain relaxed throughout your journey, and should you need to nap on the plane - you are already halfway there to getting comfy and enjoying some shut-eye.

Eat Correctly

Give some thought to the food you’ll be eating before and during your flight. Eating heavy meals will make you feel more tired and affect your sleeping pattern, whereas eating lighter meals can enable you to enjoy a quick nap and feel refreshed.

Moderate Media Consumption

Whether you want to get in a quick nap at the airport, plane or hotel, ensure that you are not over stimulating yourself before trying to sleep. Activities such as using your phone, tablet or watching TV can prevent you from getting a good sleep. Listening to certain types of music can aid in helping you fall asleep quicker. Certain genres of music just will not let you sleep so well, such as heavy metal or rock.

You can only truly enjoy your holiday if you are well-rested enough to embrace all the activities your chosen destination has to offer. We hope our tips can help you get better rest. Happy holidays!