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The size of your mattress can make a world of difference to your sleep and your lifestyle. The last thing anyone needs after a long, tiring day is having to fight with your bed ‒ or your partner ‒ to make enough room for that much-needed rest. So how do you know which size best suits your needs? We’ve put together a simple bed size guide in cm, and recommendations, that will help you make the right choice.

Bear in mind that, as a general rule, the length of your bed should surpass your height by at least 10 cm when lying down ‒ giving your head and feet enough room for comfort, movement and undisturbed rest.

Single Bed Size

Single beds are ideal for smaller rooms, and are suited to for growing children to sleep on. It can also be used as a daybed in a spacious living area.


  •         91 cm (W) x 188 cm (L)

Three Quarter Bed Size

Three quarter beds are a comfortable option for young adults as it offers a bit of extra space when compared to the single bed.


  •         107 cm (W) x 188 cm (L)

Double Bed Size

A double bed can accommodate two sleeping adults, like young couples, and makes a good option as a spare room bed or even a main bedroom with modest space.


  •         137 cm (W) x 188 cm (L)

Queen Size Bed

Queen size beds are a popular choice as they provide adequate space for couples, and ample space for single sleepers. If your bedroom is average or above average sized and can accommodate it, you will not go wrong when investing in a queen bed.


  •         152 cm (W) x 188 cm (L)

Queen extra length beds are also available, with the dimensions:

  •         152 cm (W) x 200 cm (L)

King Size Bed

The king size bed lives up to its name, offering sleepers ample room with a hint of luxury. The space is majestic, allowing sleepers to stretch out and sleep, without having to worry about compromising their partner’s space. The king bed is almost the size of two single beds side-by-side.

We recommend measuring the space in your bedroom before purchasing a king size bed to ensure that it will fit in comfortably.


  •         183 cm (W) x 188 cm (L)

King extra length beds are also available, with the dimensions:

  •         183 cm (W) x 200 cm (L)

At Bedzone, we stock a wide range of queen beds, queen extra length and king extra length for that royal touch to your bedroom, sleep and lifestyle. From the likes of Sealy PosturePedic and Simmons beds to Slumberland, you can find just the right bed fit for a king or queen. Visit us in store where one of our qualified sleep experts can assist you in choosing the right bed, or shop online right from the comfort of your home. Browse. Buy. Sleep.