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Many of us are comfortable in the habit of browsing and posting on social media right before bedtime. The truth is that it may be the only spare time we have in the day for it. But with the conclusions drawn from recent studies, we may just want to adjust our social media habit and find another time for it...

Increasing the risk of cognitive difficulties and depression can now be linked to looking at a bright light or screen just before going to sleep. This includes looking at your mobile phone, tablet, computer or laptop screen, and even having bright lampshades (white light).

Using mice for their study, researchers at Johns Hopkins University have come to learn that exposure to bright light increased the stress hormone levels of the mice. Humans react in the same way as mice do when it comes to light exposure to the eyes. So, it is not just our sleep that is affected by looking at our screens, but also our mood and our ability to retain information.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as seasonal depression, is a mood disorder that is associated with the change of season. And if you are prone to suffering from SAD, using your devices and looking into bright light right before going to bed will not be helping you in any way.

The excellent news is that there’s an easy way to avoid the harm of bright light - simply use your devices earlier in the evening and not just before bedtime.