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Our kids inherit a lot from us, including our sleeping habits.

Recent research conducted in Switzerland has found that poor sleeping behaviour of children is closely linked to the mother’s low-quality sleeping pattern, with the father’s sleeping pattern having no effect on them. Kids who experience less sleep and a poorer quality of sleep have mothers who suffered from insomnia symptoms.

One possible reason for this is due to the mothers spending more time with their children, thereby adopting similar sleeping habits to their mum’s. Mothers who have trouble falling asleep have reported that their children had difficulties getting to bed, and didn’t sleep long enough when they did. Other possible reasons for poor sleep patterns in children include poor family functioning, family fights right before bedtime, and genes that predispose for sleep problems.

When children don’t receive the quality and duration of sleep required for their age and development, not only do their grades at school suffer, but they also end up with behavioural problems and are at an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Not sure how many hours of sleep your child needs? We’ve previously touched on the sleep requirements for each age group according to the National Sleep Foundation, which you can check here