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Our lives are becoming busier and more demanding. It is no wonder many of us suffer from a lack of sleep. And if you’re into sports, you know exactly how tight your schedule can get. The good news is that if you’re having trouble balancing your sporting career/hobby and getting good sleep, there is something you can try out.

Recently researchers adjusted the sleep schedule of professional basketball players to add 30 minutes of extra sleep every night for 5 nights. The results were astounding. The extra sleep made a significant improvement on each player’s response time. They argue that these findings are relevant to everyone else too ‒ sports-oriented or not.

Less sleep impacts both our physical and mental well-being, resulting in a negative impact on our decision-making ability. While trying to get more sleep during your weekends can help, the best approach would be to start sleeping an extra 30 minutes each night.

And if 30 minutes is cutting it too tight, try a 20-minute nap. Power naps have long been known for improved alertness and performance.

Unsure of how much of sleep you need? Check out how many hours of sleep is required for your age. Don’t delay in making an adjustment to your sleep schedule ‒ great sleep = a great life.