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Power naps are thought to boost productivity and help in getting over that midday slump. But what is a power nap exactly? It’s a nap that’s not too long (those ones that make you groggy) and recharges you so you can make it through the rest of your day with ease. If this sounds like something you are in for, take a look at the five biggest advantages of power naps that follow closely from the improved productivity:

1. Improves Memory and Learning

Even a nap as short as 10 minutes is long enough to benefit you. It enhances your learning ability, promotes wakefulness (sounds a little ironic, right?), and makes you more alert.

2. Relieves Stress

We all could do with a little less stress… and with something as simple as taking a nap to improve your levels of stress, why not? Napping has been proven to reduce stress markers and can even reverse the hormonal impact of a night of poor quality sleep.

3. Promotes a Healthy Heart

Taking a power nap helps reduce your blood pressure. Cardiologists have noted that midday naps helped patients with high blood pressure by relieving the pressure and damage in their arteries and heart.

4. Improves Your Mood

Naps actually do make you feel good. People who regularly napped during the day experienced an improved mental and cognitive health. With senior citizens, napping reduced frustration levels and confusion.

5. Prevents Cellular Damage

A lack of sleep leads to damaged cells in the body, among other devastating effects. Organs such as the lungs, liver and small intestines are at the highest risk of damage. Napping, or recovery sleep, heals the damage that the lack of sleep brings on.

Now you have more than enough motivation to carry a pillow with you wherever you go, and enjoy a great power nap!