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The start of the new season can mean an adjustment to your sleep quality. You might have noticed it already, or are slowly experiencing the effects of it, like exhaustion and dark rings under your eyes. Here are five ways Mother Nature’s darling Spring can affect our sleep quality.

Allergies. Allergies. Allergies.

If you already suffer from nasal allergies, you know what to expect when Spring starts. All that sneezing and sniffling prevent you from reaching the restorative phase of sleep. If you don’t have allergies but your partner does, your sleep will be disrupted as well, resulting in the both of you suffering from poor quality sleep.

Chirpy Mornings

Our feathered friends are loving the Spring time too… and you can hear it all the way. If you are a light sleeper, and the noise outside easily wake you up, the birds are probably not your friends in Spring. During Spring time birds will chirp from as early as 5 am, merrily bringing your sleep to an abrupt end.

Bright and Early

During Spring the sun rises earlier, making the mornings reach you earlier. The sunlight signals to our bodies to wake up and be more alert. In order to prevent a midday slump from feeling like you have woken up too early, make sure to have your lunch in a naturally brightly lit area or simply go outside to drink your coffee or eat.

Longer Days, Busier Times

With the onset of lengthier days (longer times that the sun is out), this motivates us to make better use of our day time. We plan much more activities to get done for the day without realising the toll it takes on our body, and our sleep. Maintaining sleep quality is directly linked to a consistent daily routine.

Being mindful of the above can help you better prepare yourself so you can get the same quality of sleep all-year-long. Another way in which you can ensure that your body always gets the sleep it needs, is to invest in a high-quality bed too. Happy Spring!